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Rome is one such city that will take you back in the past. Its intoxicating beauty displays the ruins of the haunting past, the art inspires and touches every soul, the vibrant energy of the Romans, has created Rome as one of the best and most romantic destinations of the world.

The cityscape of Rome is an invigorating spectacle. The Colosseum, Pantheon, and Roman Forum brings to life the days that have passed by centuries ago. The Renaissance architecture adds to the further glory of this captivating city and the capital of Italy.

Why would you visit Rome?

If you need reasons as to why you should visit this city that has given the world its best artists, then here you go –

Oh, the exhilarating fountains!

Sure, every city has fountains but do either of them match the extravagant charm of Rome’s? The Trevi fountain is enough to steal your breath with its artistry. Apart from these there are several others worth staring at for hours. The Bernini’s Four River Fountain, Tritone’s fountain, La Barcaccia, and so on.

The enriching history –

Can you miss out the city that till date displays the result of centuries ago? The monuments in Rome, stand tall and proud of its rich history. The Catholic Church that played a major role in the past, testifies its importance with the magnificent basilicas. The St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome is the Vatican city’s epic masterpiece.

Apart from this there are several other monuments with ornate piazzas and captivating architecture which give a baroque touch to the whole place.

The Papacy –

Rome is the center for the Roman Catholic Church – The Vatican City. It is the most sacred place for Christians and draws in a lot of pilgrims all throughout the year. The Vatican City in Rome has a lot to offer in terms of culture, history, architecture, art, and religion.

The artistic riches –

Few cities in the world, have the power to stand in front of Rome in terms of artistic heritage. All throughout history, Rome has been the city that stood out with its great upheavals in Art. Artists from different parts of the world come here to seek inspiration to push against all odds with their talent and achieve greatness. Rome is a city that houses priceless treasures. The world class museums are adorned with ancient statues. Every church in this city displays Renaissance frescoes and Byzantine mosaics. The sculptures of Michelangelo, Fountains by Bernini, and the canvasses by Caravaggio will transport you to a different world.

The Colosseum –

The gladiatorial arena in Rome, is the most fascinating sight in the whole city. The Flavian Amphitheatre could seat 50,000 Romans and was inaugurated in 80 AD.

We know that Rome is the home where the gladiators lived. It is the soul of Italy and the perfect destination for art enthusiasts. This is the city that has given the world thin crusted crispy pizzas and delectable flavors of gelato. You can’t miss out on the Eternal City.

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