Dive deep into the Tranquility of Croatias Islands

Croatia is buzzing with travellers from all over the world thanks to the World Cup. The city continues to be a haven for those who are in search of heavenly waters, exceptional views, rich history, appetising food, and the evocative cities.

The coast of Croatia is as pure as it gets. It stretches across 2000 kilometres and encompasses 1200 islands. And, the best part is it remains open to one and all. Each island varies from the other in its beauty and charm giving travellers the reason why they should visit it. There is an island in Croatia for each and every one of us. From love birds to nature enthusiasts, adventure seeking aficionados to party seekers Croatia will not disappoint anyone.

If you are in search of an island that is far away from the humdrum of life, then Croatia is the place for you.

Here is a glimpse of Croatia’s islands.

You have probably understood what we are talking here. Now, is the time to enjoy a little more with the magnificent islands in Croatia.

Hvar –

This is the island that is the hub of culture, history, and heritage. It is the place where the sun kissed shores greets one and all. Thousands of visitors find their place in this island each year. But, despite of it there is plenty of room for you to relax and unwind. You will love this island that oozes out luxury and glamour.

Brac –

It is one of the largest islands that features fig trees, rolling hills, and a hip and happening crowd. Not only are the restaurants designed to cater to the needs of the travellers, but it also helps to soak in the intoxicating life of the locals.

Korcula –

If you love the days that has long gone by, then Korcula is the place for you. It is known to be the 5th birthplace of the famous explorer Marco Polo. You will be greeted with architecture that is a blend of Gothic and Renaissance period. The Greeks named it Dark Corfu, for its captivating charm and enchanting woods that surround the island. Don’t miss out the wine – Korcula that has earned its fame worldwide.

Vis –

One can call Vis as the dreamy haven for its standout beauty. Croatians have an unimaginable love for Vis. It retains its unspoiled glory till date. Fishing and farming prevails in this military base. Every traveller that is looking for an escape from mundane life can find their place in Vis. Go diving and swimming in the azure waters or simply sit back and soak in the magnificence of this island.

Brijuni –

One look at this island and you will fall head over heels for it. It is a paradise for history lovers. Till date it displays the history that was prevalent 5000 years ago.

Croatia’s waters are a thing of beauty and is worthy every admiration. The shores here define the term paradise. Create unforgettable memories here at Croatia.

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