A guided trip to the city of lights – Paris

Paris – a city that is an amalgamation of so many emotions. It continues to be the place where art, cuisine, culture, fashion, and scenic beauty flourishes. Strolling through this enchanting city of lights one realises the true meaning of life. But, that is not what Paris is all about. There is so much more to it than we can imagine. The boulevards are lined with fascinating monuments, the breathtaking museums, the classical bistros, and the delightful aura are some of the many things that you sign up for when you plan a trip to Paris.

Here is a guided visual tour of Paris.

The monument that defines Paris –

We mortals know Paris for the tantalizing Eiffel Tower. However, Gustave Eiffel never knew that even after centuries it will he will be remembered and praised for his mind blowing construction and artistry. You can travel to the top of the Eiffel Tower to enjoy the mesmerizing view of the City of Love.Keep in mind that you have to make arrangements in advance because the queue to buy tickets will only keep you away from the beauty of Eiffel Tower.

The protector of the art –

 Paris continues to be a city that is the most visited in the whole world, however, Louvre is a museum that attracts art lovers from every nook and cranny. Collection of artifacts that go back centuries to the modern-day art – Louvre holds it all. Louvre was once a fortress that has now been magnificently transformed into a museum. The exotic fountains, the exquisite architecture, and the exclusive art defines Louvre.

The glorious one –

 If anything can stand a chance in front of Eiffel Tower it is the Arc de Triomphe. Built in the year 1836, it is this monument that speaks volumes about the history of France. Napoleon’s victory can still be felt as one stares at it.  The triumphal arch and the intricate detailing of the Arc de Triomphe will prevent you from turning away.

The foodie’s affair –

If you are done pleasing your eyes with monuments of the past, then it is time to rejoice the taste and aroma of the delicacies that Paris has in store. World renowned chefs find their place in the Michelin star restaurants all across this European city. France has earned its reputation for its cuisine all over the globe.

The merging point of religion and art –

Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris is one such place that tourists don’t have to stand in queue to buy their tickets. This is the place that is symbolic of the architecture that features both French and Gothic beauty. As many as 6000 worshippers can offer their prayers inside it. The rose windows, the bell towers, the treasury, and the terrifying gargoyles make this place spectacular.Call it by whichever name you fancy, Paris needs to be on the top of your bucket list for the above-mentioned reasons. The glamorous and historical monuments await your footsteps.

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